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The lusciousness of vanilla cake married to the zesty flavor of Kiwi makes this cake just as exotic and delectable as its name.


There isn't a problem a doughnut can't solve! The wickedness of chocolate married to the soft fluffy doughnut is sure to gratify your tastebuds

Melting Moments


Here's a healthy choice without having to compromise on good taste. Give in to some gluttenfree delight sprinkled with crunchy cornflakes that is so soft that it melts right in your mouth!


Bajra Cookies (Pearl Millet)

Best Healthy snack and a great way to introduce millets in everyday food. Millets are Miracle Grains as they are highly nutritious with rich fibre, calcium, Iron and protein content.

Red Velvet Cupcake

Indulge your taste buds with some delightful moist red velvet cupcake combined with the sweet cheese cream frosting. With its glutton free qualities; red velvet cupcake is our signature recipe and is definitely too tempting to ignore.  

Banana Tea Cake

Make your tea time even better by accompanying your beverage with the most wonderful sidekick - Banana tea cake!

Morning Glory Muffin

Morning glory muffins are packed with whole wheat flour, apple, oats, raisins carrots. A healthy breakfast option for people on the go.


These decadently rich Chocolate Walnut Fudge Brownie are perfectly prepared to combine the wickedness of chocolate and the cruchniess of walnuts.